Too lazy to blog?

The month March has almost passed. How time flies. But I have not posted any post in this month.

Does it mean I am very lazy? Actually I have posted 17 posts in Chinese at my Chinese blog. I do not know why there is such a big difference between the two blogs.

Let it go. Blogging should be funny t......


Watch 2015 Chinese New Year Gala (Live)

Yes, the traditional Chinese New Year is coming, the year of Sheep. On this event, a very important live show is the annual Chinese New Year Gala hosted by China Central Television (CCTV), abbreviated in Chinese as Chunwan, shown on the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year.

It has become a ritual of Chine......

The easiest method to test speed of hard drive

When you want to check the read and write speed of your hard drive, no matter HDD or SSD, the easiest way is not searching and downloading software. The fastest method is using the built in command of Windows OS (there should be a lot in Mac OS and Linux): winsat.

First, run the CMD command as admi......