What does “The Fappening” mean?

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First of first, the phrase “The Fappening” arises from the incident “August 2014 celebrity photo leaks”. But for many non-English speaking people, they really get confused by the term “The Fappening”, e.g. many BitTorrent files are directly named as “TheFappening.torrent” (Sept. 20 updated), “the.fappening.2.rise.of.the.leaks.torrent” or “TheFappeningCompilation.torrent”. The phrase also appears on many headlines and sub-headlines of newspaper and websites.

The question is what does “The Fappening” mean?

TheFappening.torrent TheFappeningCompilation.torrent August 2014 celebrity photo leaks, porn

Actually, WiKiPedia already gave a detailed introduction to this new term. It is just a name of the incident “August 2014 celebrity photo leaks”. To be exactly, “The Fappening” is a portmanteau of “The Happening” and “fap”, the latter word “fap” is slang of “masturbation”. Now you should know the meaning of “The Fappening”. In other words, the phrase “The Fappening” never existed before the incident “August 2014 celebrity photo leaks”.

In addition, other name also come out because of the “August 2014 celebrity photo leaks” incident, e.g. “Celebgate”, it is actually a reference to the “Watergate scandal”.

Internet almost creates new words of all languages from time to time. The good news is we can easily find their right meaning on the internet.