Buy Chinese Kindle Books from

You love reading? You love Kindle reader? And you love Chinese language and want to improve Chinese reading? If so, OK, this is a post for you.

Many people would ask: “Can I use Kindle to read Chinese?” Sure, even two years ago, when I bought a Kindle 3, it was already able to read any Chinese books on Kindle. And now, Amazon China has already launched the Kindle PaperWhite device to the Chinese market, so there is no any doubt to read Chinese with your Kindle devices (Kindle 3, Kindle 4 and Kindle PaperWhite).

The true question in the past was that where I can get Chinese Kindle books to read. You can found a few Chinese Kindle books on online store, and you can also find some free and quality Chinese Kindle books using the powerful Google. However, that is not always enough to find the right Chinese Kindle books, such as the latest Chinese books.

Download quality and great Chinese Kindle e-books for free

Now, things are getting easy. Since (Amazon China) launched Kindle device to Chinese customers, it is pretty easy to buy Chinese Kindle books from store.

You may wonder whether it is possible to buy them from if you do not live in China and without Chinese payment methods either. The answer is: do not worry, you can buy them.

According to the introduction on, Chinese Kindle books are available to customers from the mainland of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, United States, Canada and Thailand. As for the payment, you can use your international credit card to pay. BTW, the price of Chinese Kindle books are usually cheap (several USDs).

If you are not from the places listed above, you may use VPN or proxy to get an IP from USA, and then there is no problem to buy Chinese Kindle books (I live in Belgium and bought a lot).

As for the purchase process, the whole process is just as you did with (details):

  1. Go ahead to;
  2. Sign up an account of;
  3. Choose your favorite Kindle books and pay it;
  4. Use your account to register your Kindle device(s) and get the books you bought.

To my knowledge, there is no problem to register Kindle PaperWhite and Kindle iOS with account, but I failed on my Kindle 3 (Kindle 4 either).

Enjoy your Chinese reading on Kindle. Should any questions or problems, do not hesitate to leave your comment below.