Tips on how to rent accommodation in Sheffield

I recently moved to Sheffield, UK. The first challenge was renting a place to live. Below are some tips on how to find house to rent in Sheffield given by my boss (millions thanks), I think it is very helpful for new comers to Sheffield.

A couple of good places to look for accommodation are http://......

Torrent file to download The Interview movie

Maybe thanks for President Obama, Sony company finally decided releasing the movie “The Interview”, a hot topic of the media over the last several weeks.

The famous Pirate Bay is offering the bittorrent seed of The Interview as soon as the movie was available on the internet, with the f......

The ABC of Chinese YiXing Zisha Teapot

I am a Chinese tea lover. Chinese tea is totally different from western tea, say, the famous British teabag. I like to prepare my tea drinking with teapot, especially YiXing Zisha Teapot.

Chinese YiXing Zisha Teapot